Tourism Kuranda


Kuranda is well known as the Village in the Rainforest and is located just south of Cairns. The vibrant region is a popular tourist attraction, famous for its stunning natural landscape, art and culture.

The Challenge

Kuranda is a popular tourist destination, with the majority of business generated by visitors. It is a popular stop for cruise ships, however most people only have a few hours to spend there and run out of time to make the most of the beautiful region. Tourism Kuranda wanted to improve social media engagement to help promote all of the activities and local businesses in the area, to encourage visitors to spend more time in the Village and to therefore generate more business to the tourism sector.

The Solution

Working closely with Tourism Kuranda, Fastrack created and implemented a new social media strategy in June 2016 to increase social media engagement and to reach a wider audience. The strategy focuses on promoting different aspects of Kuranda, such as things to do in and around the region, the local businesses and upcoming events. Since Fastrack implemented this strategy and began creating the Tourism Kuranda social media content, there has been;

  • 146% increase in Facebook engaged users
  • 234% increase in Instagram likes
  • 23% increase in Instagram followers

The Results

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