About Us

About Us

We're digital hotel and travel marketing experts, and for nearly 15 years we've been singularly focused on helping hoteliers and accommodation and travel businesses of all types and sizes create more direct bookings and revenue through data-driven creative website design and smart digital marketing and media. 

We do business a little differently. We take time to listen first. We're transparent. We're strategic. Data drives our intelligence. Passionate employees work hard every day to create rich interactive experiences for your hotel and travel shoppers and revenue for your business.

Adrian Caruso is the the Founder, Managing Director and Head of Strategy at Fastrack Group. Considered a leader in digital business growth and marketing in the lifestyle, tourism, travel and hospitality sectors, Adrian has successfully launched and grown a number of companies in the online, retail, franchise and property space over the last 20+ years. Starting Fastrack Group over 12 years ago Adrian now leads a team of digital marketing and branding specialists working with many of Australasia's leading brands.

Adrian Caruso

Founder / Managing Director

Essen Tsou is one of our Senior Digital Marketing Strategists and lead for our Paid Advertising. She has extensive industry experience in the hotel/travel industry and digital marketing having worked at Expedia previously. At Expedia Essen gained a broad knowledge of the online acquisition channel by being a senior digital marketing specialist looking after areas including paid media, remarketing and social direct response. Prior she worked at Rendezvous Hotels in a similar role. Essen is a very sociable and motivated team member always seeking ways to help better other team members.

Essen Tsou

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Oliver is the lead SEO and CRO Consultant at Fastrack Group. He joined the team after years of experience as a lead digital marketer in the online startup space. Having forged his knowledge at the anvil of startups, Oliver is adept at thinking outside the box and making data-driven decisions to both increase revenue and growth. In his spare time, Oliver is overrun by two young children, and recovers by fronting a folk-rock band.

Oliver Braithwaite

SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant

Catherine is one of Fastrack Group’s Digital Marketing Coordinators. She joined the team after completing a Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Arts Degree, and has a love of writing and digital media. Catherine brings passion and creativity into her work and the Fastrack team. In her spare time, you can find Catherine taking photos, booking her next overseas adventure or binge watching The OC.

Catherine Torbey

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Jeremy Morris is the Front End Developer at Fastrack Group. He joined the company after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design, following a Masters in Information Technology. His fresh take on IT and design carries him as an invaluable member of the Fastrack team, working with a vast range of clients every day. If you catch him in his spare time, you’ll find Jeremy is a keen fisherman around the Sunshine Coast.

Jeremy Morris

Back End Developer

A rare breed of developer with skills in both design and programming, Sam builds sites that are both pixel perfect and semantically delicious. Sam loves bringing designs to life by sprinkling a bit of magic on them in the development process, building expressive, delightful websites that clients and users both love.
When the last stray semi-colon has been tracked down and work is complete for the day, Sam spends his time watching anime, tinkering on cars or playing bass guitar.

Sam Haakman

Front End Developer

Megan is the Digital Designer at Fastrack Group. With over 10 years in the Web Design and Development Industry, she has a keen eye for detail & functionality when it comes to design. Previously working for a Sydney company, she has worked for many clients in different industries, giving her versatile design skills. In her spare time, Megan can be found bike riding and collecting anything with ampersands.

Megan Yoerger

Digital Designer

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