Stamford Hotels & Resorts


Stamford Hotels & Resorts are a premium hotel accommodation provider with 7 locations across Australia and New Zealand. Positioned in the 4.5 and 5 star markets, Stamford provides guests with a unique experience and award-winning hotel service.

The Challenge

Stamford Hotels & Resorts were not investing in SEM locally, resulting in lost opportunities to drive direct bookings. As OTAs and meta sites such as and Hotels Combined continue to increase their paid media, it is becoming more important to invest locally and capture any direct bookings.

In the current digital age and with the evolution of technology, we now can track shopper’s behaviours and retarget users who have visited a hotel website, but not made a booking.

The Solution

Fastrack developed a search engine marketing strategy that incorporated brand awareness, PPC and remarketing audiences. We developed custom display ads to increase brand awareness and drive new visitors to the website. Custom remarketing audience lists were created to then retarget those users who visited but did not purchase through the website.

A brand term PPC strategy was also employed to ensure the Stamford brand site would always show in position 1 above OTA’s and to drive more direct bookings.

The Results

Check back soon for campaign results. 

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