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Marble & Grain is Avenue Hotel’s iconic European steakhouse inspired Gastro-Pub.

Part of the Capital Hotel Group, one of the largest accommodation providers in Canberra, the stylish restaurant is famed for its succulent steaks, stylish interiors and sophisticated food offerings.

The Challenge

Fastrack initially only provided online marketing services for Marble & Grain. However, the restaurant’s old website caused difficulties in measuring the success of campaigns.

This was heavily induced by the outdated website, which had poor user experience and lacked flexibility in terms of personalisation.

Thus, Marble & Grain was in need of a visually stunning, mobile and conversion-optimised website to match their outstanding menu.

The Solution

Fastrack worked closely with Marble & Grain to create a cutting-edge and beautifully responsive website, featuring simple yet smooth transitions to provide an enjoyable user experience.

The website design not only showcases and highlights the restaurant’s imagery, which is a major selling factor for any food establishment but also keep users engaged with a seamless animation and fast loading times.

Fastrack implemented advanced tools in line with industry trends to provide Marble & Grain a competitive edge.  

Key features include separate enquiry forms for the different restaurant requirements, such as functions, events and restaurant bookings.

Another element added was a built-in event calendar so that visitors can easily inquire about upcoming events.

And lastly, Fastrack implemented a pinned ‘Book a Table’ button which enables visitors to reserve their spot at any time and anywhere on the website.

The Results

Since the launch of the new website, the visitor traffic and session duration showed a steady, 5% ongoing increase on average.

In comparison, prior to the new website, the average time visitors spent was around 00:00:59. After the website launch, the average time visitors spent is around 00:01:15.

This increase shows that users are compelled and engaged by the website, which statistically leads to more enquiries and a higher conversion rate.  

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