Harbour Town Shopping Centre


Harbour Town is Australia’s largest outlet shopping centre with over 240 national and international stores offering clearances and discounts on big-name brands. With such great savings and brands all in one place, Harbour Town is ideal for international visitors offering a number of perks including the exclusive Tourist Discount Car, Tourism Lounge, Tourist Shuttle Bus and currency exchange.


With an expected surge of Middle Eastern tourists to the Gold Coast during Ramadan, Harbour Town Gold Coast were looking to increase brand awareness of the centre and establish themselves as the place to shop on the Gold Coast. Uncertainty of the target audience and language barriers were the main challenges faced for this campaign. Harbour Town commissioned Fastrack Group to use data-driven analytics to ensure the media was targeted and efficient.


Fastrack partnered with a number of international paid media networks to gather data on Middle Eastern nationals planning on visiting the Gold Coast. Fastrack also developed a multi-lingual campaign website specifically for the Ramadan campaign with clear call to actions. This was paired with matching display ads, search advertising and data-driven analytics to ensure the media spend was targeted toward specific audiences.

The Results

Over the 3 month campaign, 14,000 website sessions were generated with 53% from Saudi Arabia and 27% from United Arab Emirates. As a result of the campaign, Harbour Town saw an influx of visitors to the centre and an increase of enquires for the Tourist Discount card.

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