One Simple Strategy to Boost Your Direct Bookings with Google

14 Oct 2014 Toby Shaw

Google in their 2014 travel study announced the majority of people use search engines first to plan a trip. When you also consider in 2013 Google had 2.1 trillion searches, you're letting your maximum occupancy fall through if you don't have a clear search marketing strategy.

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Instagram Rolls Out Ads & Sponsored Posts In Australia

08 Oct 2014 Adrian Caruso

Announced today, it is now possible for businesses in Australia to advertise on Instagram.

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Why Online Travel Agents are chewing up hotel business

04 Oct 2014 Adrian Caruso

It is not blatantly obvious that online travel agents are continuing to chew up hotel's direct bookings, charging pretty high commissions and have become pretty good at the whole hotel distribution game.

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Why does your hotel need to be on Facebook

10 Aug 2014 Adrian Caruso

Who knew over ten years ago or so that Facebook would change the world the way it now has. Not even Mark Zuckerberg knew to what extent Facebook would influence what we do everyday. Facebook is the largest online social network and 72% of online adults are now Facebook users. With 1.31 billion global users (and counting), the ubiquitous social media platform is not going anywhere and should definitely not be ignored. Gone are the days when having a company Facebook page was just a “good” idea.

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What Do Hotel Guests Expect in a Hotel Room for FREE and Search for?

16 Jun 2014 Adrian Caruso
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Thanks Felicity and Congratulations!

15 Jun 2014 Adrian Caruso
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