Luxury Travel and Mobile Bookings

11 Jan 2015 Adrian Caruso

Luxury travellers have the luxury of booking travel any way they wish, yet more and more are using mobile devices to browse and book their trips. A recent report by Expedia Media Solutions and comScore revealed that 52% of luxury travellers are likely to book a trip on a smartphone in the next year, compared to the average 29% of overall travellers.

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Google Wants You to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website or Else

17 Dec 2014 Toby Shaw

Have you visited a website on your phone only to find yourself pinching to zoom in, pressing on things that do not work, and tapping videos that fail to load? Chances are you’ve experienced what your website visitors go through right now and Google hates it.

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5 Common Reasons Your Hotel Website Doesn’t Get More Bookings

24 Nov 2014 Toby Shaw

If your hotel or resort has more empty rooms than you wish, there’s 5 areas of improvements you can make to the website. These sale-boosting improvements are by no means trends and have been long-time effective ways we've increased bookings for Australian hotels, resorts, and other accommodation providers.

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Simple Steps to Speed Up Your Site for More Bookings

10 Nov 2014 Toby Shaw

Amazon intentionally changed the load time of their site by 100 millisecond increments then tested the versions against each other. They found quickening the site by 0.1 seconds increased revenue by 1%. A 1 second drop could lead to $1.6 billion of loss in sales.

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How Travellers Navigate The Web To Book Hotels

02 Nov 2014 Adrian Caruso

For six years running, Google has commissioned Ipsos MediaCT to conduct a traveller study to help us recognise the role of the internet in travel decision making.

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Do You Trust On-line Reviews?

23 Oct 2014 Adrian Caruso

Online reviews can affect how consumers perceive and believe in a business, at least according to the Local Consumer Review Survey 2014 which analysed how online reviews affect and reflect on local businesses.

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