Travel Brands Need to Get Mobile... Now!

22 Mar 2015 Adrian Caruso

The entire travel industry is built on keeping people mobile. So an industry based on mobility should incorporate mobile technology. Now as more and more travel brands are moving into mobile, they’re seeing how mobile marketing is a powerful tool for travel conversion. Yet too many hospitality websites are just not mobile friendly and they’re missing out on the mileage that mobile marketing offers.

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Why Hotel Reputation is More Important Than You Think - and How to Do It

10 Mar 2015 Toby Shaw

Hotel reputation is the impressions about the hotel and the following conversations that take place. Marketers limit hotel reputation to online reviews, but it’s much more than that. Note the words “Impressions” and “conversations”.

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Video Takes a Starring Role in B2B Marketing

04 Mar 2015 Adrian Caruso

Video is no longer typecast as a form of entertainment and has now become a smash hit for many B2B marketers. These marketers see that its huge entertainment value makes it a very valuable vehicle for boosting brand awareness, increasing lead generation, and raising conversion rates.

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How to Maximize Your Revenue with OTA and Direct Bookings

24 Feb 2015 Toby Shaw

Online travel agencies like have achieved their success by filling a market void and doing it well. No longer are wholesalers, agencies, and tourist operators required in the booking process. Where people know they can save without additional cost like time, they will.

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A Beginner's Guide to SEO and PPC for Hotels

27 Jan 2015 Toby Shaw

SEO and PPC are two of the best avenues to drive direct bookings to your hotel or resort. Here is a layman’s guide on each so you understand the basics of these marketing channels to get more revenue.

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3 Custom Google Analytics Reports Every Hotel Needs

13 Jan 2015 Toby Shaw

Hotel owners and their marketing managers are challenged by data. Rather than it empowering the decision makers to move towards profitable decisions, they overlook data knowing it's something they should look into, but don't know how.

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