Collaboration is a Must for Content Creation for Travel Brands

09 Jul 2015 | Adrian Caruso

While social media channels may vary in popularity, high-quality content is always craved by customers. And social media sources provide a way to deliver this digital content effectively and efficiently. But before a brand can leverage these social media platforms, they must create compelling content that’s relevant and resonates with their audience and brand. This is especially important for travel and hospitality brands because travellers consider the brand to be a part of their travel experience.

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Mobile Hotel Apps - What Travellers Want

16 Jun 2015 | Adrian Caruso

As more travelers look to book their trips on various mobile devices, hospitality marketing experts need to respond to this mass mobile booking. To steer marketers on the right path, a recent Key Lime Interactive report described the factors that matter to travelers when planning their trips via mobile hotel apps. According to the report, travelers want a personalized experience, last-minute offers, and a streamlined mobile process. featured more on what it takes to attract mobile business.

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