How to Convert OTA Guests into Direct Bookings

26 Apr 2016 Adrian Caruso

At Fastrack we get approached on a weekly basis by hoteliers of all types and sizes about a common problem…..their OTA (Online Travel Agent) bookings are growing constantly each month in comparison to bookings made via their direct channel. In fact many hoteliers OTA bookings are around 50% of their total bookings. This means that one out of every two guests is costing them at least 20% commission.

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Maximum Occupancy Accommodation Industry Conference

27 Oct 2015 Diana Oros

At Fastrack Group we are focused on delivering the best in digital marketing services and hotel strategies for our clients, and we are very excited to be a part of Australasia’s leading accommodation industry conference Maximum Occupancy.

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Better Prototyping Leads to Better Design

14 Oct 2015 Brenton Gaw

Online systems give designers the opportunity create complex interactions and test websites and apps before a line of code is typed. The prototypes can be clicked, scrolled and navigated in the same manner as a fully realised website and give the user much more of an understanding of using the site as well as the interactions and interactions they will experience when the site in actually built.

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Responsive web design is no longer an option but a must

23 Sep 2015 Jeremy Morris

Responsive web design allows your website to be easily viewed, navigated and interacted with on a wide range of devices. With over half of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, not having a responsive website is more than likely costing you.

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Clicks Around The Clock - How The Average Value Of A Click Changes Through The Day

17 Sep 2015 Toby Shaw

Depending on the time of day, the value of a visitor to your travel website can vastly change. Here we look at the effect of the time of day on the expected revenue from a click, and what you can use this information for.

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Beacon Technology Opens Up a World of Opportunities for Travel Brands

13 Aug 2015 Adrian Caruso

Mobile makes it easier to connect to people at any time and every place. Today, beacons are taking this concept of contact even one step further by making this reach much more rewarding to both brands and consumers. Beacon technology is based on using beacons to send location-specific offers and information directly to mobile devices. Beacons are already big among retailers and have started making their mark in the travel industry with airports, hotels, and airlines. shed light on what beacons can bring to hospitality marketing.

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