Four ways that design impacts your website's conversion rates

15 May 2018 Katy Prendergast

Many hotel websites struggle to compete with OTA’s and sometimes increasing direct bookings is as simple as having a website with a well thought out design.

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How to Choose a Great Hotel Marketing Agency

17 Apr 2018 Adrian Caruso

With so many to choose from I felt it necessary to write about what we consider to be a 'Great Hotel Marketing Agency' and ensure you don't trust the wrong agency.

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People Don’t Buy What You Do

15 Mar 2018 Adrian Caruso

Understanding how to market any product or service is to focus on why your company does what it does, and not what it sells. It’s not about the profit, since that’s just a result.

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Google says HTTPS is a must do! But why?

22 Feb 2018 Jared Jeffery

Most companies have been holding back from moving to HTTPS as the update was never confirmed by Google. This is about to change as of July 2018 when it will be added into the Algorithm as a ranking factor and signal that your website is safe to browse.

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The Future of Voice Search

14 Dec 2017 Amy Wood

Voice search is growing faster than typed search and will equate to over 50% of searches by 2020. But how will this affect your website and SEO strategy? Read on to learn more.

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Google TestMySite: What is it, and why is my site failing?

20 Nov 2017 Sam Haakman

Think with Google's TestMySite tool recently got an upgrade showing the percentage of visitors that drop off whilst waiting for sites to load. This post explores what this update actually means for hotels, and how can you get great scores in this tool to reduce mobile bounce rates.

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