The Rebound is Here - Are you on track, ahead or behind?

The Rebound is Here - Are you on track, ahead or behind?

09 Jul 2020 | Adrian Caruso
With more and more travel restrictions lifting across APAC, thousands of travellers are booking right now across every sector of the industry.  Are you experiencing a surge in bookings? If not, then listen to the webinar below and learn where you need to be right now during the Rebound. Learn what how to create the perfect rebound plan to get cut-through (it's competitive as ever before!) and get immediate bookings.

Topics and themes covered include that travellers are emerging in their thousands. Is your business front of mind? What does the future hold for travel? What do do when advertising and not to do. What to do now for instant bookings. How to turn your rebound plan into a marketing plan and bookings.  How to get the best from your internal teams. How to catch up if you’ve fallen behind.

Throughout the webinar you will see some great rebound marketing campaign examples from many of Fastrack's clients.  We will also answer some of the webinar's participants most pressing questions.

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About Adrian Caruso

Considered a leader in digital business growth and marketing in the lifestyle, tourism, travel and hospitality sectors, Adrian has successfully launched and grown a number of companies in the online, retail, franchise and property space over the last 20+ years. Starting Fastrack over 12 years ago Adrian now leads a team of digital marketing and branding specialists working with many Australasia leading brands.

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