Thanks Felicity and Congratulations!

Thanks Felicity and Congratulations!

15 Jun 2014 | Adrian Caruso

We love having Interns at Fastrack because it allows them to experience the 'real world' and put into practice what they have learned in their studies. Recently our Intern Felicity Lo completed her Intenship which resulted in Felicity landing her dream job in Sydney.  

Here is what Felicity said about her time with us at Fastrack 


"During my time as an intern with Fastrack Group, I experienced a more in-depth view in the world of paid search marketing.  University has helped prepped me with understanding the basics with theory but I was able to be more hands on during my time and actually observe best practices, learn, apply, manage and optimize clients Google AdWords campaigns. 

Being new to the work force, I was able to see what is involved in daily group work goals and also personal day to day activities to make sure all campaigns were running efficiently. As time progresses, I was able to confidently help optimize company clients AdWords campaigns by using negative keywords, match types and other techniques. 

I can honestly say from my time as an intern, I was able to learn a lot and had plenty of guidance and mentorship. I was shown all the ropes in what to look out for, programs to use and if this was my career choice, what I should be aiming for to become a certified Google AdWords Individual. 

I had a great time and learnt a lot from the chance given by Fastrack Group and was able to land a job within SEM in campaign management. 

Fastrack Group helped open new doors for me and without the guidance and mentorship I would not be as prepared as I am now. 

I gained invaluable experience during my time here that is both challenging and rewarding at the same time, one that I will not forget anytime soon."


Thank for your kind words.  It was a pleasure having you as part of our team and we wish you well in your new career.

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