Still Seeing Flashes

Still Seeing Flashes

24 Oct 2013 Adrian Caruso

Yesterday was a key day for our client Coolum Seaside as we worked with them to create stunning visual imagery for their property ahead of their website launch. With the website taking a 'big picture' format it is such a vital step and something we were glad to be able to support the property with also.

I acted as artistic director and James Goss our preferred photographer, who always delivers amazing results. Taking our advice in the pre-production on this vital part of their marketing, the client let us take the lead writing a brief for each hero shot and organising professional talent to add life to the imagery. When accompanied by the son and friend of the owner, we were able to create a family feel for some shots, romantic couple for others and a crisp corporate look too.

With the website still in production, we won't share too many of the images with you but are happy to give you a sneak preview with the behind the scenes shot above. We look forward to be able to show you the full results soon.

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