Interactive Prototyping

Interactive Prototyping

07 Mar 2017

Interactive prototyping is now more commonplace in the web design industry.

There is a wide range of programs available on the market to help create interaction within designs, before the design is built into a website. But why is this an important step for designers?

Creating wireframes and high/low fidelity designs is one thing to show a client, but to get them interacting with the designs from an early stage in the project can save the web design and development team a lot of time and resources.

Getting the client to interact with your concepts is crucial to making sure you have a site that works how the client and users expect. It can also highlight any user experience issues that may arise.

Clients appreciate this extra step taken, as it gets them involved in how the website flows, which in turn produces a website that works as expected and makes it easier to get direct bookings in a quick and efficient way for their users.

Here at Fastrack we are using interactive prototyping to get our clients involved early in the design process. We find it helps us communicate our ideas and suggestions and show you how users will achieve their goals on your website.

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