Instagram Rolls Out Ads & Sponsored Posts In Australia

Instagram Rolls Out Ads & Sponsored Posts In Australia

08 Oct 2014 | Adrian Caruso

Announced today, it is now possible for businesses in Australia to advertise on Instagram.

Instagram have a unique advertising opportunity, they say themselves: “With a community of over 200 million, Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms.”

According to recent statistics, I believe there are now over 2 million Australian’s on Instagram.

Businesses will be able to post their content and it will be shown to users in Australia who don’t necessarily follow that brand. Further demographic targeting such as age and gender is likely. It will be possible for users to dismiss sponsored content where desired.

Some of the first brands in Australia to sign up for Instagram’s new advertising include: Tourism Queensland, Vegemite, Flight Centre, Toyota, Audi, McDonald’s, Lenovo, Ben & Jerry’s and Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

According to the Instagram Business Blog – companies in Canada and the UK will also now be able to buy advertising services.

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