HTTPS all the things

HTTPS all the things

01 Oct 2016 | Adrian Caruso

When Google advises something about how they are ranking websites, it's always worth paying attention.

Last year Google announced it would be giving more preference to websites that use HTTPS.

In short, Google want all websites to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. The ultimate goal is to make the internet and websites safer, and using SSL is a way of doing just that.


In a nutshell, SSL it is a way of encrypting the link between the server the web browser. You'll already be familiar with it every time you shop or bank online - it's indicated by the nice green padlock symbol in the address bar similar to this:

Not only do you get the ranking benefit but the other underlying message is trust. Trust in the fact that you are a company worth doing business with. Google claim that this is currently only a 'mild' ranking signal - but reading between the lines we think that it will definitely become more predominant in the future.

Starting January 2016 every website that Fastrack produces - large or small - will automatically recieve complimentary SSL, on us. We've started to roll out SSL to our existing client sites and have already seen a boost in the search engine rankings and click-throughs.

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