Four ways that design impacts your website's conversion rates

Four ways that design impacts your website's conversion rates

15 May 2018 | Katy Prendergast

Many hotel websites struggle to compete with OTA’s and sometimes increasing direct bookings is as simple as having a website with a well thought out design. Here are four elements of design that impact your website’s conversion rates and user experience:

  1. Visual Hierarchy  

An effective website design will present information and visuals in a particular way so that the most important information is more visible, and less important information is muted. This is achieved using colour choices, fonts and the strategic placement of information on the page. A great visual hierarchy will subtly direct your user through the steps you they should follow, when they need to, whether that’s educating them about your business or directing them to make a booking.

  1. Responsive Design

In 2018, a website that functions on a desktop but not on a mobile is not good enough. Up to 50% of websites are now viewed using a mobile device, and this number is rising every year. So if your website design looks and performs poorly on a mobile or tablet, then addressing this is an easy way to help increase direct bookings and reduce bounce rates.

  1. Branding

A strong brand presence is so important for website design and your hotel marketing in general. If you think of some of the biggest names in the fast food industry, their memorability relies heavily on their branding, which is supported through great marketing and design. Their website designs accurately reflect the story behind their business, because they’re not just selling a product but also an experience. Think about some competitors whose websites you admire - why you like their website might just be because you are drawn in by their design and branding.

  1. Interaction Design

People are visual creatures, we love a beautiful photo or a fun animation. By including elements of interactivity, your users will feel more involved with your brand and are more likely to stay on your website for longer.

This doesn’t mean that every element on a website should have animation or interactive elements. It should have a purpose, and also be consistent. If all of your buttons animate in a certain way, then the same style of animation should not be applied to an element that doesn’t perform the same function! As long as it is used appropriately, interactivity can help increase time on page, plus when used with good branding, it will help build trust and loyalty to your business, which in turn can help increase your hotel bookings!

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