Feeling lost?

Feeling lost?

03 Oct 2013 Adrian Caruso

Welcome to the website of Fastrack Group. We hope that some of you will be here through an awesome referral, or maybe throug our great work with our own SEO, but for those of you that have


arrived following our email signatures, you might be a little confused. If this is you, then don’t panic, you’re in the right place. The Fastrack Group is the new name for TA Fastrack and what you see around this post is our new brand. Very different, we’re sure you’ll agree.



Let us explain, TA Fastrack was born when our CEO, Adrian Caruso, sold his travel company and decided to use his talents to help others in the travel industry as a consultant. In the 12 years we’ve been around, a lot has changed. Over that time, we’ve gone from working with just travel agents to businesses of all types in the hospitality, travel, tourism and accommodation sectors. Our focus has also shifted a little too, back in the beginning we provided strategy and support, whereas now we’ve grown to become a full service agency.

Our new brand and new name is meant to reflect the wider range of services we offer, from digital to PR and advertising – all of which you can discover right here on our website.

We hope you’ll enjoy taking the time to look through the website, meeting our team and finding out about some of the great work we’ve done with our clients.

Whether you are big, small or somewhere in between, we’d love to hear from you and help you achieve marketing success.



About Adrian Caruso

Considered a leader in digital business growth and marketing in the lifestyle, tourism, travel and hospitality sectors, Adrian has successfully launched and grown a number of companies in the online, retail, franchise and property space over the last 20+ years. Starting Fastrack over 12 years ago Adrian now leads a team of digital marketing and branding specialists working with many Australasia leading brands.

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