Engage your users with animation

Engage your users with animation

14 Jul 2017

Animations are becoming more common place on websites today. Humans are visually driven, so using imagery mixed with animations on your website helps to get the focus and engagement of users on the key areas you are trying to highlight, to help increase conversions.

It also plays with the feeling of delight. A well animated button, progress bar or site element on a website could be what your users remember, which in turn helps to keep your brands website first and foremost on their mind.

Visual Feedback Animations

Using animations for visual feedback is the first step when incorporating animations to your site. Visual feedback provides cues to users that makes them feel like they are interacting with a real element, whilst guiding them through a booking process. It also gives them a sense of assurance that the element they are interacting with is responding to their actions.

Animating button hover states demonstrates interaction input to the user. Progress bar animations show the progress point a user is at through a booking process, or giving them feedback on loading times.

The purpose of visual feedback animations for elements is to help provide feedback to users that the website has acknowledged their actions, and the user should expect an outcome from their action.

Revealing & Notification Animation

These types of animations help to bring content to a user’s attention in a streamlined way without abruptly showing the content from nowhere.

Fading in content and images as you scroll down a page helps to subtly reveal content in a pleasant and eye-catching way.

Sliding in a notification box or special offer from the side can help to entice users to purchase your product in a non-obtrusive way.

Delighting users with Animation

Having a loading animation on images and carousels can help to entertain and delight users while your images load on your site. Animating hover states on images or other site elements to show you can see more information or to help reinforce the brand in a fun way, to give your page that extra special touch.

Animation can also delight users in a fun way that also points people to purchase or book your products on offer, by guiding them to all the right information, or through the booking process in a subtle yet attractive way.

As you can see, animations play a big part in online experiences today. Consider using these techniques to help engage your users and to delight them at the same time. Be sure to not over do your animations, as this can become an annoyance. 

Always animate with purpose to help engage users to achieve the goals you want them to, whether it is booking direct with your hotel, or buying your products.

Fastrack Group can help advise on the best animation techniques to work best for your website. Contact us today if you are wanting to enhance your online presence with animations to help increase conversions.

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