Better Prototyping Leads to Better Design

Better Prototyping Leads to Better Design

14 Oct 2015 | Brenton Gaw

We have all heard about 3D printing by now and have been told time and time again that it is ushering in the next wave of manufacturing. Last week Adidas even presented a 3D printed shoe! It’s amazing to see how a technology originally developed for rapid prototyping of physical product designs has started to disrupt the manufacturing industry and is now being used as the tool to manufacture rather than just a step in the process.

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About Brenton Gaw

As Fastrack Group’s lead designer, UX and UI are Brenton’s bread and butter only made better by great branding, which he sees as the Vegemite on top. He has worked across travel, arts, education and not-for-profit clients in Brisbane, Melbourne and London. 

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