Airtime for Arajilla

Airtime for Arajilla

03 Oct 2013 Adrian Caruso

One client that we always loving hearing from is Arajilla Retreat on Lord Howe Island. Bill, Janne, their family and wider team are just fab to work with, always having so much energy and always willing to try something new.

Recent polls show that a significant amount of Australian’s don’t know where Lord Howe Island is, this has certainly been helped with the latest bout of airtime for this forgotten paradise.

 Last weekend alone we saw the web hits go through the roof, with not just one but two major PR wins for the island. The first was a nifty little review of Arajilla in the Sydney Morning Herald. The second an amazing half hour of prime time television on ABC with a dedicated episode on the three part series entitled ‘Australia’s Remote Islands’.

If you haven’t made a trip of a lifetime to Lord Howe yet, once you’ve watched, you soon will. Be sure to stay at Arajilla Retreat.

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