3 Common Online Marketing Mistakes Made by Resort Owners

3 Common Online Marketing Mistakes Made by Resort Owners

29 Sep 2014 Toby Shaw

There’s three common online marketing errors I see committed by resort owners that cause their website to leak direct bookings. I’ve increased the website traffic of over 20 Australian accommodation providers by an average of 30% in the past 3 months and noticed common mistakes made by all that you can avoid to reach your marketing goals:

1. Letting Booking.com and Wotif.com eat you up

Search your resort name in Google right now. Are ads at the top or right-side? You’ve been brand-hijacked. Booking.com and Wotif.com are the best booking sites at hijacking Australian accommodation providers because they have teams dedicated at this. They've been doing it for years for a reason - it produces a positive return on investment.

Start an AdWords campaign to drive visitors looking to book with you. It can be complex to setup if you’re not AdWords qualified and do not know how to beat these bigger companies with million-dollar budgets. I recommend at minimum you target Australia, split-test your ads for higher click-through rates, advertise on your brand, stick to the broad-match modifier, and track your conversions.

2. Poor Google search optimization

The modern traveller’s research process is complex. You need to be high ranking in Google for relevant search terms to get in front of people during their research process. SEO today is more complex than “meta tags” and “keywords” (in fact, doing those wrong can decrease your rankings) -incorporating factors like your online reputation, site speed, and authority of websites linking to you. Avoid any type of low-quality SEO to inoculate yourself against overnight Google penalties that can cut your bookings overnight.

3. Ignoring mobile

Look at your website on a mobile or tablet device? Don't be that manager who has no idea how your visitors are interacting with your business. Can you read everything easily, do all the features work, and can you book without a problem? I estimate 90% of Australian resorts immediately lose 30% of visitors and bookings just because their site is not mobile compatible.

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About Toby Shaw

Toby specialises in SEO and SEM, especially with a data-driven flavour. He is from the UK, and previous to moving to Queensland worked for the SEO platform Linkdex for 5 years as an Insights Analyst and Data Scientist. Toby has completed a Bachelor’s from Imperial College London with a degree in Materials Engineering. When he isn’t at work, Toby is a keen cellist and cyclist, as well as a fan of Everton FC.

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