Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

A strong presence in Google is critical to get direct hotel bookings. In 2016, Google had 3.1 trillion searches with an estimated 32% of clicks going to the top ranking website. We know how to drive more direct bookings for hotels through Google using proven content driven SEO strategies.


You can compete against multi-million dollar online travel agencies and your local competitors - you just need to be smart about SEO. Good hotel SEO gets you ranking high in Google for the right search terms so people who may stay with you, find you. 

Fastrack provides a wide variety of search engine optimisation strategies ad tactics to make sure your hotel websites show up near the top of the SERP.

Pay Per Click Advertising

No digital marketing is more flexible or timely than pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Using popular search engines, display and social networks and META sites, this advertising method allows you to maximise traffic, sales and leads through instant exposure.

Every campaign is custom-built by a qualified professional who understands the paid search in hotel marketing and how to compete against the OTAs. They know what type of ads and copy converts best and when to display them and closely monitors everything to capture conversions at a cost-efficient rate. Your PPC is carefully tracked then reported on so you know the exact return from the advertising. This makes it one of the most reliable marketing methods and minimizes risk.

We avoid automated software to build and optimise your campaigns. Every campaign is custom-built by a qualified professional. Your personal campaign manager closely monitors everything to capture conversions at a cost-efficient rate.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Are you constantly testing on a weekly basis different calls to action (CTA), different content and designs to convert more website visitors into bookings?  Fastrack Group works with hotels to increase their bookings using conversion rate optimisation. Our top-tier conversion-rate consultant analyses each part of your website then runs weekly A/B split testing to test different content to ensure every person who visits your website has maximum chance of booking direct from you.

Do You Make the Mistake of Changing Your Website?

Don’t make the mistake of changing bits and pieces yourself or getting your web guy to make random revisions. The change may decrease sales! Let the experts take a scientific approach to get you the most sales. 

Having worked on hundreds of  hotel websites and running over 70 A/B split test each weeks for our existing clients, we know what gets bookings and can transfer this knowledge to your website. However, your website is unique and what works for one hotel may not work for you.

What is A/B Split Testing 

We follow a split-testing methodology which puts the suggested changes to your website against the current version to see what performs best. As an example, your old booking button is presented to 50% of your website visitors while the new button is shown to the other 50%. You may learn that the new button design gets you 78% more clicks to your booking system and translate to 61% more revenue.

There are hundreds opportunities or mistakes your website could be making from page layout, removing pages, adding pages, background colour, headlines, images, form fields, testimonials, and more. Let Fastrack Group fix the leaks on your website to boost direct bookings.

Email Marketing

Use email marketing to drive direct bookings is the most cost-effective marketing channel based on ROI.  Especially when a guest has initially booked via an OTA.  Increase guest interaction with your hotel, keep them informed and entice them to come back and book direct the next time they stay. Using Fastrack's email marketing campaigns, and Fastrack's precise tracking to measure the efficiency of those campaigns, you can increase repeat guests and boost guest satisfaction.

Fastrack provides independent hoteliers with the right tools to increase hotel loyalty, and a marketing strategy that is more cost effective than developing campaigns to attract new guests.

Create amazing experiences for your guests at your hotel, then expand the courtesy after they leave your property: make sure that they know that you will always welcome them back. Help them understand the value they have for your business, offer them incentives and rewards, convert them into powerful ambassadors for your hotel, and next time they're coming to your city they'll definitely stay with you

Social Media

Social media is a global exchange. People are talking about your hotel on-line and you must manage this.  It's a chance to meet your audience wherever they are and engage them as peers. But we take social media even further, capturing that engagement around your brand and funneling it into conversions.  Let us work with you to create an engaging content and strategies to help you drive more bookings.

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