Webinar: How to increase Direct Online Bookings

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Event: Webinar: How to increase Direct Online Bookings
Date: 18 September 2018
Time: 10:00am NZT
Where: Online
Cost: FREE

Event Description

10:00am Auckland time 

Travel, tourism and hotel operators still seem to be in a never-ending battle for direct online bookings. Giant travel wholesale companies and online travel agents generally still call the shots with their billion dollar ad budgets, take the rewards, and leave operators shaking with little power to win. 

Join direct online travel booking expert, Adrian Caruso, for a FREE webinar and listen to what you need to do to instantly regain market share and win more clients via direct channels. 

Learn how you can increase direct online bookings by targeting consumers who book your product via 3rd party companies and how you should prioritise your marketing to maximise direct booking opportunities. 

In the webinar you will learn: 

  1. How to instantly regain market share and increase direct online bookings 
  2. Hear about 'real life' examples incl. boosting one travel business's direct bookings by over 60% 
  3. Learn if you your website and booking engine is an asset or liability? 
  4. How to combat multi-million dollar advertising campaigns that steal your direct bookings 
  5. Discover how to deal with 'brand hijacking' on Google and other channels 
  6. 10 killer website conversion tips 
  7. The perfect harmony between OTAs and direct bookings… one does exist 
  8. Q&A session so you can ask your most burning questions 



Adrian Caruso Speaker

Adrian Caruso is the the Founder, Managing Director and Head of Strategy at Fastrack Group

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