Webinar: How to Increase Your Direct Hotel Bookings by 123% with CRO

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Event: Webinar: How to Increase Your Direct Hotel Bookings with CRO
Date: 21 March 2018
Time: 11:00AM AEDT
Where: Online
Cost: FREE

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When:  Wednesday, 21st March 2018

Time: 11:00AM – 12:00PM Sydney Time, 
1:00PM - 2:00PM Auckland Time

Cost: FREE

The days of launching a hotel website then sitting back and hoping that visitors are going to convert to bookings are long gone. Today, a website launch is just the beginning. After the launch comes a process of testing different website elements to see what users need to help them arrive at a booking decision in a single session. This process is known as conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

Why should all hotels and travel websites be investing in CRO?

CRO is a low risk and low cost strategy which has the potential to yield big results. Hotels and travel websites typically spend many thousands of dollars on digital and offline marketing but, without ongoing CRO, much of that budget is being thrown away because users are not converting when they arrive at the website. CRO increases the ROI of all other marketing activities. It’s simple to set-up and the results are almost instant!

Register now for the webinar and learn:

  1. What is CRO and why you need to be doing it daily

  2. Which offers really work, and which don’t

  3. REAL-LIFE examples of high-converting hotel websites

  4. What images do users want to see

  5. How should you use reviews

  6. What Calls to Action convert highest

  7. How to fix the leaks on your hotel website to boost direct bookings

  8. Question & Answer time

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Oliver Braithwaite

Oliver is the lead SEO and CRO Consultant at Fastrack Group. He joined the team after years of experience as a lead digital marketer in the online startup space. Having forged his knowledge at the anvil of startups, Oliver is adept at thinking outside the box and making data-driven decisions to both increase revenue and growth. In his spare time, Oliver is overrun by two young children, and recovers by fronting a folk-rock band.

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