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Apollo Motorhome Holidays is a division of Apollo Tourism & Leisure Ltd (ATL).  ATL is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is a multi-national, vertically integrated manufacturer, rental fleet operator, wholesaler and retailer of a broad range of recreational vehicles, including motorhomes, campervans and caravans.

The Challenge

In 2017, Apollo approached Fastrack seeking ways to improve website user experience and increase direct bookings. The Apollo website was difficult to navigate, the booking process was cluttered and confusing, and Apollo was losing a lot of traffic throughout the booking process. Additionally, the website design and layout was outdated in comparison with industry leaders.

The Solution

Apollo appointed Fastrack to completely reimagine their booking process from the homepage right through to payment. Fastrack designed a much simpler booking experience that put usability front and centre and incorporated many small elements that have been proven to increase conversion rates on OTA websites and large accommodation chains.

Under the guidance of Fastrack, the Apollo development team coded the new designs into their existing website and launched in November 2017.

Following the launch of the updated Apollo booking process, Fastrack began ongoing CRO experimentation and detailed behaviour analysis to identify and address website elements that were preventing users from making a booking.

The Results

In the period before the launch of the new Fastrack booking process, Apollo had experienced a decline in conversion rate but immediately upon launch of the new Fastrack booking interface this decline was halted and turned around where the booking conversion rate began to increase again.

Through CRO experimentation Fastrack significantly increased traffic to the deeper pages of the booking process and identified the major conversion road-blocks still to be addressed by Apollo. These issues are now being addressed.

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