We're digital travel and lifestyle marketing experts, and for nearly 15 years we've been singularly focused on helping smart businesses of all types and sizes create more revenue through data-driven creative website design and smart digital marketing and media. 

We do business a little differently. We take time to listen first. We're transparent. We're strategic. Data drives our intelligence. Passionate employees work hard every day to create rich experiences for your travel and lifestyle shoppers and revenue for your business.

Our Management Team

Adrian CarusoFounder / Managing Director

Adrian Caruso is the the Founder, Managing Director and Head of Strategy at Fastrack Group. Considered a leader in digital business growth and marketing in the lifestyle, tourism, travel and hospitality sectors, Adrian has successfully launched and grown a number of companies in the online, retail, franchise and property space over the last 20+ years. Starting Fastrack Group over 12 years ago Adrian now leads a team of digital marketing and branding specialists working with many of Australasia's leading brands.

Ben RogersClient Strategy Manager

Born to bring balance to the force with a mutation making him near invincible, Ben is an active card carrying member of an elite team of superheros. In his downtime he lives as his alter-ego “Ben Rogers”, a nerd who masters marketing acronyms; SEO, SEM, EDM, CMS and (the big one) CIA. Ben’s alter-ego takes an entrepreneurial view to challenges and enjoys finding creative solutions to problems. He has a passion for technology and possess leadership skills perfected in his primary role as a superhuman. Ben will be commencing as his alter-ego a Master’s Degree in Business Marketing at the University of Queensland this year. You can learn more about his life from one of the many superhero movies based on the topic on Netflix today.

Brenton GawLead Designer

As Fastrack Group’s lead designer, UX and UI are Brenton’s bread and butter only made better by great branding, which he sees as the Vegemite on top. He has worked across travel, arts, education and not-for-profit clients in Brisbane, Melbourne and London. When not designing he can be found trying to get more Instagram followers for his cat in the hope of living off his social media presence.

Jeremy MorrisFront End Developer

Jeremy Morris is the Front End Developer at Fastrack Group. He joined the company after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design, following a Masters in Information Technology. His fresh take on IT and design carries him as an invaluable member of the Fastrack team, working with a vast range of clients every day. If you catch him in his spare time, you’ll find Jeremy is a keen fisherman around the Sunshine Coast.

Zafar Haq

Zafar is a seasoned Web developer with over 7 years of experience in website development and making products that make a difference. Before Fastrack, Zafar has worked with big brands and startups. He loves cycling and exploring new web technologies.

Maddison YatesDigital Marketing Coordinator

Maddison is Fastrack Group’s Digital Marketing Coordinator. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts and a strong background in writing and media studies. To her, limits are there to be pushed and digital marketing is the perfect challenge. When she’s not improving her clients marketing strategies, she can be found perfecting her surgical techniques learned from endless seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, online shopping for clothes she doesn’t need, or buying $2 scratchies in the hopes of becoming a millionaire.

Catherine TorbeyDigital Marketing Coordinator

Catherine is one of Fastrack Group’s Digital Marketing Coordinators. She joined the team after completing a Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Arts Degree, and has a love of writing and digital media. Catherine brings passion and creativity into her work and the Fastrack team. In her spare time, you can find Catherine taking photos, booking her next overseas adventure or binge watching The OC.

Samantha McKendryDigital Marketing Coordinator

Samantha is a creative with a digital edge. A graduate of the University of Queensland, Samantha has an unquenchable desire to get into the minds of audiences to inspire online action. A self-proclaimed SEO and social media nerd, her innovative quirk brings a valuable skill set to the team, and she is always looking for new ways to create unique content that will engage viewers. Working best under the gun, she has a keen eye for detail and looks toward the big picture. Her passion for exploring the digital world is matched only by her curiosity for travelling the physical one, and new destinations are constantly added to the bucket list and she scours the globe on a mission to find the best gelato.

Mr VHead of Security

Mr V is Fastrack Group’s burley Head of Security. Don’t let his cuteness fool you, Mr V has 10 years’ experience ruff-ling the feathers of postmen, the neighbour’s cat, shadows, and whoever dares walks past his fence. He keeps the Fastrack team in order by sleeping (with one eye open) at their feet and by doing regular rounds of the office (reminding each person they are due to give him a pat). When not at the office, Mr V enjoys soaking up sunrays, going for walkies and reminding his Master (Adrian) that his food bowl isn’t going to fill itself.

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